Chapter 7 ; No Breaks At High Noon

The hallowed halls of Vital Yield Ministries were messy but quaint. A thin sheen of grime covered every surface and there were small rips in the forest green fabric of the pews.  Volunteers did their best to keep things tidy, but they all knew it was a losing battle. There was never enough money in The Highlands.


Chapter 3; A Cup of Conflict in the AM

An alarming wail. Another. An alarming wail. Closer. On the southern outskirts of The Highlands, striding the broad path of Anubhoot Avenue, large hilly plains ended at a vale of boulders as tall as trees. Those who found themselves knowledgeable in the geography of Etre City, and thereby the boundaries of the Hood 55, would know this outcropping marked the end of The Highlands.