Spirit of the City;

On the night his father died, a young Yaz Amentrope, with a sunny smile, promised he’d reach the top of Naitre Tower. Now, a soon-to-be college graduate, he’s closer than ever to mastering the supernatural powers of his ‘Sunny’ disposition. Yet, there’s little time to celebrate when he discovers his mentor, Spirit of The Highlands Zarat Icewood, has been murdered and their homehood wrecked. Returning home, Yaz finds himself quickly thrust into the metropolitics of Etre City and facing the powerful Sobriquet of the Spirits who lead it’s Hood 55.


Spirit of The City is a new web serial novel by The Legend, Kevin Midas. A product of Mythoi; Media, this story will be released in weekly chapter akin to the classic Shounen Jump favorites all the best nerds grew up on. New chapters will be posted every Friday.

The setting is in a land with no sun, moon, nor stars; the continent sized metropolis Etre City. Inspired by the neighborhoods of Detroit, Michigan, Etre is divided into distinct districts known as the Hood 55. Each district is ran by a leader, known as a Spirit.

The genre is some amalgam of adventure, fantasy and action with plenty of prototypical anime tropes heavily inspiring its creation. There’s a cool superpower system, plenty of humor, and hopefully emotionally impactful writing.

We look forward to you taking this foray into a new world with us, and can only hope that this story will mean just a modicum as much to you as it does to the man who’s dedicated countless hours to creating it.

Enjoy and much love.

Stay Golden,
Kevin Midas.